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A/C Service & A/C Repair

Air Conditioning

No one usually gets their auto A/C -Air Conditioning- checked until it gets hot one day and they flip the A/C on just to find that it does not seem to be cooling properly or not at all. By this time, it may be too late. Your comfortable drive to your destination has just turned into a miserable drive. 

A/C -Air conditioning-checks should be part of your regular scheduled maintenance check. If your vehicle is just not as cool as it was at one time, you may just be low on refrigerant and only need an A/C Service (Refrigerant vacuum and recharge of A/C system). This is a simple and inexpensive expense. However, letting this issue continue can be costly because the refrigerant contains the lubricant required to keep your A/C compressor from seizing up. Even if you catch it before a total seize up, the lack of lubricant is very harsh on the internal components of the compressor and can do damage. If the compressor fails, then metal debris may get into the rest of the A/C system, requiring multiple repairs at a much larger expense.

Don't get caught off guard! The best time to get your A/C - Air Conditioner- serviced is before the hot and extremely humid weather arrives. 

There is a way that you can check to get an overall idea of how well your A/C is cooling. This by no means replaces the expertise of a trained A/C mechanic, but may help alert you that you may have issues that need to be addressed by professional mechanics. With your car idling and the A/C on, place a thermometer in the center A/C vent of your car. Give the A/C time to reach its' peak and take a temp reading using the following guidelines.

If outside temp is 60 F then Center Vent temp should be 44 -46 F

If outside temp is 70 F then Center Vent temp should be 44 -48 F

80 F then 43- 48 F

90 F then 44 -50 F

100 F then 52 -60 F

110 F then 68- 74 F

Remember this is just a general guide. If you have any questions, you should take your vehicle to a certified A/C mechanic. 

Automotive A/C- Air Conditioning Services we offer:

- Preventative Maintenance Service

- Diagnostics

- Leak Detection

- A/C Service (vacuum and recharge Air conditioning system)

- All A/C Repairs

- A/C Compressor

- A/C Condenser and Dryer

- A/C System Flush

- R12 to R134 Conversion

Our trained technicians at Paul's Automotive Service & Repair are ready to help determine if your A/C is performing at its peak and can provide you with all your Air Conditioning system repair needs. Give us a call today at 704 786 0904 and let us help assure you stay cool this summer.