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A necessary component to any repair

Some customers get overly concerned when they hear that their car needs diagnostics. In reality, diagnostics can take many forms, from the most simple to much more complex diagnostics. This can easily be related to going to a doctor for an illness. Taking your temperature is a simple diagnostic, while much more complex diagnostics might be having an MRI. The kind of diagnostics that your vehicle needs depends on how complicated the problem is--is it identifiable just by looking at the various parts, listening to sounds the vehicle makes, or simply test driving the car? Many problems fit these diagnostic procedures, but many times much more in dept diagnostics, using high tech scanners and diagnostic equipment is required. Older vehicles were much easier to diagnose. Now cars are technologically advanced and complex with computers running many sensors (including oil to tire pressure on many cars) and microprocessors controlling most components of cars.

Proper Diagnostics are a necessary part to identifying the problems with your vehicle. Without diagnostics, repairing your car would be just hit and miss, replacing parts until they got it right. You would never want a surgeon to just start removing parts without knowing first what the true diagnosis was. The same is true with your car. Our trained technicians at Paul's Automotive pride themselves in not being just parts changers. They work diligently with many types of diagnostic tools to make sure they know the cause of the problem before they just start changing parts. They take the "right the first time" approach to make sure they "cure" what ails the car, making this approach efficient and cost effective. However, diagnostics is not the cure. It takes a combination of the test results, expert knowledge, and skilled hands to actually fix the problem.

Trying to perform your own diagnosis can lead to even more problems in the hands of untrained persons. Our experience has been that an improper diagnosis and repair can often lead to costing more and causing more damage than the car had initially. Don't just go on what you "think", let a trained professional do it properly.

Paul's Automotive Service & Repair has State of the Art Diagnostic equipment to assist with quickly identifying the more complex vehicle issues. We offer fair pricing for diagnostics and keep our customers informed every step of the way on the progress of the diagnosis, making sure that we have the customer's approval every step of the way.